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Michael’s Quora Answer: Finding Connections in the Industry?

The Film Industry is no longer the “Film Industry”! It is now the Media Industry (including film, tv, streaming, internet, etc., ) which has vastly more Opportunities than ever for creating content, gaining skills, making industry contacts and more. Have a Written Plan. Goals that are not written down don’t work. Join Linked In –…

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WGA and AMPTP Make Deal and Avert Strike

Up to the actual May 2nd deadline to call a strike, the WGA and AMPTP made a deal on numerous points to avoid a potentially disastrous strike to Hollywood’s film and media industries.  The basic issues resolved were: Minimums across the board — as well as contribution increases to our Health Plan that should ensure…

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Media Math: How Writers Should Think about Film Budgets Part 1

Broad Sense of the Film Budget and Producer’s Intention Film Production budgeting requires a lot of detail – but it starts with the broad strokes from the Producer. I need to know their general sensibilities for the project.  When I worked on the “Taken” films (I did all three with Liam Neeson), then I could…

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