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7 Ways To Screw Up Your Film’s Budget-#3: Inaccurate Perks

Perks. The word itself carries emotional connotations of either simple requests – or a vast array of pampered “Stars”.  Or “Rock Stars”.    In this case, the Producer might hire a Big Star – and not think about the impact of their perks on the budget.  And maybe they exceed the means of the budget.…

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TUTORIAL: VFX with scale models – part1

In part 1 of this tutorial video we look at how to shoot the model, apply a color key inside Adobe After Effects and composite it into a background environment in a way that looks realistic and integrated. You will require some basic After Effects skills in order to complete this tutorial. The 3D model…

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VFX with scale models

Indie filmmaking: doing visual effects or SFX shots with miniatures. This video was done using a 1/48 scale model kit. It was shot on a Canon 650D/Rebel T4i and assembled in Adobe After Effects. The rotors were animated using the Element 3D plugin for After Effects.

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