Film Composition
Film Composition - North By Northwest


Film Composition - Stand By Me
Film Composition - Seven

COMPOSITION - The Use of Depth of Field.  Leading Lines. Geometric Composition.  The Rule of Thirds.    Understanding Composition Manipulates the Audience for their Emotional Journey...

Colors & Layouts

Shot - Reverse Shot

The Spielberg Oner

Lateral Tracking Shot

Geometry of a Scene

Christopher Nolan on Angles

Blocking a Scene
Blocking a Scene Overhead
Blocking a Scene Hollywood Camera Work
Blocking the Scene

Hitchcock Blocking the Scene

How a Directors Stages and Blocks

How to Block A Scene

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Know the names and styles of the Great Cinematographers Past and Present - Roger Deakins, Conrad Hall, Vittorio Storaro, Gregg Toland, Gordon Willis, James Wong Howe, Sven Nyquist...

Kubrick's & Barry Lyndon

Top 10 Cinematographers

How to Do 3 Point Lighting

The 180 Degree Rule

History and Science of Lenses

Depth of Field and Lens Equivalents

Finding a Film Style

» Pacing

» Style


Top 10 Cinematographers

Jackie Chan's Action Comedy

Edgar Wright's Style of Comedy

Buster Keaton - Art of the Gag

Martin Scorses - Art of Silence

Kubrick's & Barry Lyndon


Know your Character Arcs, their Emotional Journey and The Points of Their Character Changes.

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Translate Your Emotional Journey into Memorable Images - multiple images to achieve necessary flexibility if you intend to Rewrite With a Calculator.

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You Scene do not have to be Big Hollywood Logistics with explosions and VFX - but rather Understand that Memorable Moments of Great Emotion Last Longest.

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