Saran's Story Analyst Services

"The most powerful words in English are 'Tell me a story'". ~ Pat Conroy

Review of Material

$500 Per Script
  • 60 to 90 Minute Discussion
  • Skype or FaceTime Available
  • Rewrite Strategy

Longer Script Review

$995 Per Script
  • 4-6 Hour Discussion
  • Specifics-Strory, Structure, Character, Dialogue
  • Details, Details, Details

Major Script Revision

$4,500 + - TBD Per Script
  • Page 1 Rewrite Strategy
  • Structure, Structure, Structure
  • Character Development & Arcs

Rewriting With a Calculator

Saran focuses on the story, serving the intentions and direction of the Story for its Characters and Plot.   She is an advocate for the Creative Scope of your Screenplay for its Best Form. 

 Michael concentrates on a Schedule & Budget process to inform the direction of your Screenplay. Today's competitive world market means you make a project for a price.  He works with Saran to find logistical solutions - without sacrificing the Creative. 




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