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A former development executive with a major Hollywood producer, Sara Anne Fox played a vital role in the conception and development of over 25 screenplays, three published novels and three produced films, My Favorite Year, Nosferatu, and Quest for Fire.  For over 20 years, she has worked as a passionate advocate for the material, using her skills in working with writers to strengthen character development, clarify motivation and improve story structure and plot.

Sara Anne Fox’s extensive experience includes work with screenwriters and authors of fiction and non-fiction books and manuscripts. Her strong empathetic and intuitive gifts, combined with her editorial talents, provide clients a comfortable creative atmosphere in which to realize their artistic goals and visions. In addition, she conducts workshops on story and screenwriting at Southern California writers’ conferences and at production houses.

Sara Anne Fox is also a "professional expert" in story and screenwriting in the IDEAS program out of L.A. Valley College.  She guest teaches and lectures, runs workshops for screenwriting students, sits on advisory boards, participates in panel discussions, judges student pitches and presentations, and travels to other community colleges and local high schools to broaden students' knowledge of the many opportunities in the fields of digital media and entertainment. In addition, she facilitates two bi-weekly screenwriting critique groups under the aegis of The Greater Los Angeles Writers Society.

A native of Massachusetts, Sara Anne Fox is a graduate of Brandeis University.  Known to her friends as “Quiz Show Queen”, she is a winner of four television game shows, including stints on the two versions of “Jeopardy”.  She came to southern California via New York City and currently resides in the Silver Lake area of Los Angeles.


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