Michael’s Quora Answer: Finding Connections in the Industry?

The Film Industry is no longer the “Film Industry”! It is now the Media Industry (including film, tv, streaming, internet, etc., ) which has vastly more Opportunities than ever for creating content, gaining skills, making industry contacts and more.

  1. Have a Written Plan. Goals that are not written down don’t work.
  2. Join Linked In – you can start meeting people far, far away where you are from. But read Reid Hoffman’s book “The Startup of You” first.
  3. Forums – film forums with professionals.
  4. Study Plan – even not going to film school means that you must study. If you don’t, then you might not REALLY want to be in the industry. The industry is difficult, takes a lot of hard work and perseverance. Most people I went to film school with never continued in the industry. Like 95%. Get books, videos and great websites.
  5. Take Action: The best Tshirt I saw at VIDCON2016 was “Make Something Today Even if it Sucks.” Good advice to take action, don’t edit yourself and learn. Your effort need not be shown to anyone but you – but you will learn a ton.
  6. Meetups – the popular website will allow you to meet other cinephiles. There are also Film Clubs. Be discerning in your contacts. Plenty of Wannabees that are all talk and no action.
  7. Local film crew – meet them and pick their brain. Buy them a coffee. If you are smart, respectful and more, then they MIGHT think of putting your name forth for a job.
  8. Getting Your First Job -Be thirty minutes early. I have terminated people who were late and hired somebody new on the spot. I am running a $50 Million business and late means stress on me. I don’t need it. Be Respectful – use ‘yessir’ and ‘Yes, ma’am’ and Mister/Ms. until they tell you different. You will be remembered for politeness. Be organized. If you don’t have a notebook handy and have to look for one to write stuff down, you look stupid. If you write on your phone while your boss is talking, tell them you are writing done THEIR notes – not answering Facebook. “Look my boss is giving me my first film task!”
  9. Make Contacts – Your boss might give you another job. But your peers will be in that stew of seeking employment and opportunity. Make good contacts with them.
  10. Find What Energizes You – Passion has become such a cliche word to use. But you need an Ignition Point that wakes you up excited. Search for it. And at the same time, discover what you DON’T like. Keep that list too.
  11. Repeat the Above with new input, technology and plans evolving over 40 Years.

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