My Comedy Director List

When thinking “Comedy”, you should have a list of directors and writers in your various genres.   Here is my list of directors whose work I watch, analyze and remember.

Charlie Chaplin:  A great actor and director, Charlie was the epitome of the Artist in the agent of silent comedy.  “Modern Times”, “The Kid”, “The Great Dictator”, “The Gold Rush” and more.  He had an frenetic elegance about his comedy craft.

Charlie Chaplin

Harold Ramis: He was responsible for the 1980’s with films like “Ghostbusters”, “Stripes” and “Groundhog Day”.  He worked with Dan Aykroyd and other greats from Saturday Night Live.

Edgar Wright: Wright is better known for “Shaun of the Dead,” “The World’s End,” “Scott Pilgrim Versus the World,” and “Hot Fuzz.”  He has a unique sensibility, particu

Paul Feig: Known for more than directing movies, Feig also directed episodes of TV comedies like “Parks and Recreation,” “The Office,” and “Arrested Development.” But on the big screen, he produced laughs with “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat.”

Joel and Ethan Coen: If you think about dark comdies, you should immediately think Coen brothers.  They are the guys.   The great”The Big Lebowski,” alone merits their inclusion.  Others include “Fargo,”  “O, Brother Where Art Thou,” and “Burn After Reading,” among others.

Ernst Lubitsch:  A great director who had the famed “Lubitsch Touch” and directed such witty fare as “Ninotchka”, “The Shop Around the Corner”, “Heaven Can Wait”, “To Be or Not To Be”

Billy Wilder: I met this great director who was a fervent admirer of Lubitsch and directed “Some Like It Hot”, “One, Two, Three”, “Sabrina” but also noir films like “Sunset Blvd”, “Double Indemnity”, “The Apartment” and more.

Frank Capra:  The iconic man with his ‘name above the title’ directed such great films as “It’s a Wonderful Life”, “It Happened One Night” and “Mr. Deeds Goes to Washington”.  Perhaps not an out an out comedy director but a very humanistic sentimental director

Todd Phillips:
 King of the modern screwball comedy, Phillips has directed popular titles as “Road Trip” and “Due Date,” but is best known for “The Hangover” and its two sequels.

Tom Shadyac:
 Shadyac found his muse in Jim Carrey. The director worked with Carrey in “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective,” “Liar Liar,” and “Bruce Almighty.” Shadyac also directed “The Nutty Professor,” “Patch Adams,” and “Evan Almighty.”