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Two Languages to Learn.   One is the language of Story - what it means, its theories and its Usage.  If you are a producer, then be a good one.  Understand Media Stories.  Structure. Dialogue. Plants and Payoffs.

The Second Language is Film Language.  The techniques which create the desired emotional space for your intended audience.   Spielberg.  Kurosawa. Hitchcock.  Ford and more.  

Media Math

Professional Level Filmmaking is generally an expensive proposition.  Your project may be a guerrilla film which is great.  I've done those and I love those films.   

If your script is going to be produced for millions or tens of millions of dollars, then you want to understand the Media Math behind those costs.  And if you have to get the numbers down to make the film work?   How do you think about it?


Your film is absolutely unique.  No two ways about it.   Only You and Your Team can figure out how to make the film the right way, with the right money (which may be the money you have!) and Make It Happen. 

From a lot of years in the trenches, we will look at how people have embraced cost-cutting or cost-saving measures - and many times came up with a better film!

Film Case Study #1

"Taken" was a highly successful series.  I was the American Line Producer.  I am going to use this film as the basis for Film Case Study.  In addition, my upcoming seminar on Scheduling and Budgeting will use the "Taken" scripts for analysis and study in Scheduling and Budgeting.

"American History X"


This iconic cult film had plenty of challenges with its production and budget.  New Line Cinema wanted Tony Kaye's first feature film - and a lot of people wanted in.  So how did we make such a film for a very modest price.  We'll examine the film and some behind the scenes antics along the way.


"I wish Michael were alive and making films.  I could've used his insight, help and hard work on many projects."

- John Ford

"Working with anyone else is only for The Birds."

- Alfred Hitchcock

Michael's Services

Michael does Film Scheduling and Budgeting for a living.   Your film could benefit from an early consultation about the project.  Reading the script and creating cost-saving or cost-reduction strategies is an important weapon in the question to breathe Life into Your Film.